Foothills Christian Church in Glendale, AZ has been sharing their stories the past six weeks. Each week a new story of a congregation member or friend is shared in their weekly newsletter, highlighting how they discovered Foothills CC, how God has surprised them, ministries that they are involved in, and how they have felt closet to God. Each story shares a stewardship focus, and an eye towards transformation through giving.

Linda Siegwald shared the following.

“Not too long ago, Foothills was a very different congregation.  Sunday worship services were averaging less than 50 people, young families were rare, and the faithful few were overextended trying to handle all of the many tasks of the church.  I was in leadership at that time, and I felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities and frightened for our future as a congregation.

At one of our many meetings, we decided to change our focus from survival to service.  We voted to stop micromanaging every task through leadership meetings and grant permission to individuals to plan and carry out their own mission ideas.  We decided to truly welcome the community (everyone in the community) and to let them participate fully in service to Christ with us.  We even decided, although money was in very short supply, to stop passing the offering plate, so that no one would feel pressured to give and preferring to use that time to showcase ways to use our talents and time in His service.

It was all very scary, but this leap of faith was so worth it!  Once we were engaged in God’s work, opening our doors to the neighborhood, empowering members to follow their own hearts in creating service opportunities (not just following the traditional ways of doing things), we were blessed abundantly!  New service opportunities abounded, worship was dynamic and spirit-filled, new members brought new ideas and energy to the congregation, and that little box in the Narthex was filled with generous contributions that allowed us to thrive, developing more ways to serve the needs of the community and the world.

Best of all, we went from survival mode to praising God for His abundant blessings, using those blessings to bless others, and setting an example for many sister churches.  I learned that the “house of the Lord” isn’t a resting place, but rather a lighthouse, helping the lost find their way home, directing the saved to find renewed purpose, and shining a light on the path of countless others.

“And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. “ – II Corinthians 9:8″

Rev. Bekah Krevens, minister at Foothills Christian Church says the act of sharing these stories…

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